Smart Start

Smart Start

Dear Student Firstly, congratulations on taking the first step in the right direction to becoming an exceptional nail technician. With us at the A.Fox Academy, you will be given world class training. At the A.Fox Academy we focus on the latest techniques and technology used in Russia, as well as all over the globe. We make it our mission to stay on top of all the best and latest trends to offer you the best training in the world.

Dates: 21 September 2020 - 30 September 2020

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Course for beginners and for professional to be best on nail industry

The Smart Start course is designed for beginners, those who would need to update their skills and of course if you would like to convert to QD Pro Nails products and techniques (*you do not need to do our course to buy Qd Pro Nails products). We offer expert, hands on training to small groups of students. A.Fox Academy Instructors are of the best in the industry, they are passionate and focused. Every Instructor has been handpicked by Alina herself. It is expected of A.Fox Instructors to attend courses a few times a year to ensure they stay on top of new techniques. This provides you as the student with the best training there is. Your Instructor will be available to you even after training to give advice, support and even secrets to help you excel in your career. The Smart Start Course offers you an International qualification in Acrylic and Gel systems. For this course you will have to choose which system you would prefer to use. You will be taught the best application techniques, proper and correct filling and of course sculpting correctly. It is advised to also do the Russian manicure E-file course to help you get comfortable and experienced with your E-file (the last mentioned course is not compulsory, but highly recommended).

Course objectives: Theory - Nail Anatomy Nail Structure Hygiene, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Health and Safety Nail disorders and Diseases Business Skills Product knowledge and formulation Practical - Nail preparation Form Placement for different shapes Product ratio and application Correct use of tools Sculpting Extensions without forms Gel polish application Correct filling techniques for different shapes Refills Training will be 8 days.
Day 1: Theory
Day 2: Square extension without forms
Day 3: Form application for Salon Almond
Day 4: Square extensions, form application and Gel polish application
Day 5: Glitter application – Full and faded
Day 6: Baby boomer/ French ombré
Day 7: Re-fill
Day 8: Exam Models will be required for certain days.
Your Instructor will provide you with further information.

You will receive a full kit, providing you with everything you need to do a full set of nails. For students there will be a 10% discount on all electric files. This offer is only available to you as a student during the course. Lunch is included daily. You will receive your certificate on the last day of training provided that you pass. If you are not yet competent on your last day your Instructor will give you a date to return for your exam. The cost of your course will be R 12500 and is payable in full on the day your training starts.

Online course:

E-file Pedi and manicure!!! Available in 2 weeks. R2200 now! From March the price will be R3000
E-file Difference between bits Sterilization Work station Two different techniques for pedicure Two different techniques for manicure Perfect gel application Pictures Social medial How to find clients

We will learn
Square extension without forms Form application Ombré Glitter ombré Tips Sculpture E-file failing Refill Glitter ombré nails French Gel polish with acrylic Almond shape Stiletto shape Square shape

500 ml m2 monomer 50 g acrylic cover pink 50g clear acrylic 15 g white acrylic 15 g milky white acrylic 100 sculpting forms Dampen dish Acrylic brush #14 kolinsky 15 ml prep 15 ml primer Small dust brush 250 ml sanitizer Cuticle oil 1 Buffer Nail file 100/160 2 nail file 180/240 15 g glitter Product bag for students Small glue Dropper T-short

Smart Start extra Smart Start extra Smart Start extra Smart Start extra Smart Start extra Smart Start extra
  • Price R12500
  • Smart Start
  • 10 days
  • Course Certificate

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Alina Fox
Alina Fox

Nail Technician

An international nail art and technology teacher as well as a judge of Golden Nail Group, run by Elena Shanskaya; a Technologist and owner of QD Pro-Design Nails, always available for consultation for QD. Alina also travels to conduct courses as well as being the owner of AFox salon and school.

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