The evolution from nail technician to nail artist is always nice. Part of this growth means that every nail technician needs to enter at least one competition in their life to become a nail artist. We are giving you that opportunity to enter an international nail competition here in South Africa.
  • Since 2018 the Nail Safari has been taking place online and offline. Technicians from all over the world have been entering and judges from different countries have been awarding points and finding winners in many categories.
  • What makes us different is that we have more than 20 categories for you to enter. From posters to swimming costumes the thing all have in common, is that at least 80% of the medium used must be nail products.
  • This event was brought to South Africa by Alina Fox under the auspices of the Golden Nail Group. If you are interested in entering please contact Alina for more information.
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