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Alina Fox

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Alina Fox
Technologist, teacher of Nail Service International Instructor Golden Nail Group. Course author / developer / The Judge Of The International Category

Hello, my name is Alina Fox. I was borne in 1983, in Ukraine. I am a Nail Technician with 12 years experience, winner of 96 trophies all over the world. I am an international nail art and technology teacher as well as a judge of golden nail group run by Elena Shanskaya and a Technologist and owner of QD Pro-design nails, always available for consultation for QD. I also travel to conduct courses as well as being the owner of AFox salon and school.

Best Teachers

You will find the best and most qualified techers. All have international training and certification. They provide education in the latest most up to date technologies.


Online Courses

They are the best option if you would like to learn from the comfort of you own home. Online courses are also suited to those living far from our academy.


Kit Included

Together with some courses we give a kit, big or small. Everything else you require for the course will be provided by us at the academy.


Great Results

After completion of courses, our students find clients far more easily. After doing beginners course our students find jobs far more easily. Many of our students enter competitions and win!


What we teach

We use totally different techniques from anyone else. These help you to learn and understand the material taught more quickly. All the latest techniques from around the world are also included. Tuition is given to each student on an individual basis.

Nail art

Nail art is the best way to put you ahead of other technicians and allow you to get better quality clients. This will not only improve your business but also let you work less hours for more money.

Nail Art 90%
Beginners 100%
Art 85%
Update Techniques 89%
Online Courses 70%

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Account Holder: O Kuzmenko
Account Number: 93 029 46 195
Branch Number : 63 200 500
Branch Name: ABSA


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